Employment Guidelines

Job Announcements

Each position has a job description describing job duties and minimum qualifications required. When a job opening occurs, Human Resources summarizes this information in a job announcement flyer.

The job announcement is posted on-line, copies are available at City Hall and copies can be mailed with the employment application.

Types of City Positions

  • Regular, full-time with benefits, 40 hours per week
  • Regular part-time, 20 - 40 hours per week, pro-rated benefits
  • Seasonal positions (we typically hire some parks caretakers and public works laborers in early spring to work through summer), no benefits
  • Temporary positions (part time or full time for specific period of time), no benefits
  • On-call positions, 0 - 40 hours per week as needed, no benefits

Employment Application

This application form is required for all city job openings. You can print a copy from on-line, pick one up at City Hall, or request one be mailed. At this time the on-line form is not set up to send back electronically. Please download the form and print neatly or type on it. Feel free to attach a resume, cover letter, references, or any other job-relevant information. Do not fax in applications. Please mail them back to:

City of Port Angeles
Attention Human Resources
321 E. 5th St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Addressing a cover letter to Human Resources Manager Abbi Fountain, or Human Resources Specialist Lacey Ingrahamis appropriate. The city does accept applications that are postmarked on the closing date. We do not accept applications by fax without prior approval, resumes only or an application for which there is no current posted job opening, or incomplete or late applications.

Selection Procedures

We collect all job applications, then review them for meeting minimum qualifications shortly after closing date. The decision to require written testing prior to interviews depends on the complexity of the position and the number of applications received. We strive to notify applicants selected for a test or interview by telephone within 10 working days of the position closing date. Applicants not selected to continue in the selection process will be notified by mail.

Following interviews, Human Resources will contact the top one or two candidates for three work-related references. We will not contact a reference without first advising the finalist candidate(s).

Employee Benefits

  • 11 paid holidays per year
  • 12 paid sick leave days per year
  • Employee assistance program
  • Individual labor contracts may offer additional benefits, such as longevity pay or uniform allowance
  • Long-term disability insurance is provided, depending on the labor contract
  • Medical, dental, vision health insurance is provided by the city. Effective January 2004, most employees pay 12% of the medical premium cost per month
  • Paid vacation leave starting at 11 days per year
  • Participation in the State of Washington Department of Retirement Systems (PERS or LEOFF) retirement plan is mandatory
  • Term life insurance is provided by the city (up to maximum of $50,000)
  • Tuition reimbursement program
  • Two optional deferred compensation 457 plans, which allow tax-deferred retirement savings into prominent mutual fund investments are available