Ken Dubuc

Fire Department
Title: Fire Chief
Phone: 360-417-4651

On August 30, 2012, Ken Dubuc was appointed as the new Chief of the Port Angeles Fire Department. City Manager Dan McKeen made the appointment today. Dubuc has been serving as interim chief as well as fire marshal. "Ken's leadership and dedication to public safety makes him ideal for stepping into the role as chief," stated McKeen. "Chief Dubuc's excellent problem-solving skills will be of tremendous benefit to the department, and the city, in maintaining the appropriate level of public safety for the community".

Chief Dubuc was born and raised in a small town in northern California. He started his fire service career in 1978 as a wild land firefighter with the United States Forest Service. He then became a resident firefighter while attending the University of California at Davis. After graduating from Davis, Chief Dubuc entered into the United States Navy and served as a naval officer for 12 years, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander.

After the Navy, Chief Dubuc continued his fire service career as a captain at the Skywalker Ranch Fire Department in Northern California. He then accepted a position with the Vancouver, Washington, Fire Department. Chief Dubuc left Vancouver to become the chief / fire marshal in Port Angeles, where he has served for the last 11 years.

Chief Dubuc has a bachelor's degree in natural resource sciences from the University of Davis and a master's degree in public administration from Washington State University. Ken and his wife Teresa have been married for over 21 years. 

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