Be Prepared

Local Emergency Resources

City of Port Angeles Emergency Management Directory: This portal is designed to be a one-stop destination to find the most requested resources. Our goal is assist you in achieving disaster resilience. 

CodeRed Clallam County Alert System: Clallam County uses CodeRed© for county wide emergency notifications. Sign up online to receive alerts on your cell phone, landline, email or text.  There are options for TDD and multiple languages.  

Emergency Planning Checklist: Knowing what to do in an emergency is your best protection and your responsibility. 

9-1-1 Procedures: When should you call 9-1-1? 

Crime and Identity Theft Prevention: Take steps to decrease your risk. 

Know Your Smoke Alarm: Presentation provided by the Port Angeles Fire Department. 

Weather Preparedness

Winter Weather Preparedness: Winter weather, including snow, ice and extreme cold, can put you and your home at risk. Follow these preparedness tips to stay safe and warm this winter. 

City Snow and Ice Removal: Clearing City streets is a difficult process that takes time, hard work and good communication between residents, business owners and the City. The City has 144 miles of roads to clear, limited equipment, and few employees available for around-the-clock snow removal operations. Click here to learn more. 

Fall Weather PreparednessWhen the days become shorter and the leaves begin to turn, it becomes time to prepare your home for cooler temps and unpredictable weather conditions. Click here for a few ways to get your home ready for the cooler days ahead. 

Drought/Water Shortage: An abundant supply of fresh water is something we may take for granted on the Olympic Peninsula. However, in the event the majority of winter precipitation falls as rain rather than snow in the mountains, the result can be an extremely low snowpack in the Olympic mountains. Snowpack is like a frozen reservoir for river basins, in a typical year accumulating over the winter and slowly melting through the spring and summer, providing a water supply for rivers and streams. When this doesn't occur, a Water Shortage Plan may be put into effect.  

Natural Disasters

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