Current and Future Projects

Lincoln Street Safety Project

The Lincoln Street corridor is a key transportation route for the City of Port Angeles, and one of the City’s most active arterials. The City is currently constructing safety improvements for this corridor, with a focus on improving traffic and pedestrian safety. Learn more about the Lincoln Street Safety Project. [Link to Page]

Pump Station 3 Replacement

Learn more about the Pump Station 3 Replacement Project. [Link to Page]

Stormwater Source Control Ordinance Development

The City of Port Angeles is building a regulatory source control program that will require businesses to take measures to stop water pollution before it enters the stormwater system. The development of this program is a requirement of the Department of Ecology’s Western Washington Phase II Stormwater Permit. Learn more about the proposed ordinance and provide your feedback. [Link to Page]

Recently Completed Projects

ADA Improvements - Francis Street

Completed in 2022, the Francis Street ADA Improvement Project (TR0616) was one of several projects initiated to improve the quality of life of Port Angeles residents and provide further safety measures to the community. [Link to Page]

ADA Transition Plan

View the final ADA Transition Plan prepared in December 2021. [Link to Page]