Reporting Spills

Have you witnessed spills or any suspicious discharges to the stormwater system, streets, ditches, streams, and wetlands? Report spills here, or call 360-417-4745.

Spills could include things such as:

  • Algae blooms
  • Chemicals
  • Foam
  • Gasoline
  • Muddy water from construction sites
  • Oily sheens
  • Paint
  • Sewage
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Water pollution comes from a variety of sources. It is economically infeasible to have pollution inspectors everywhere, 24/7; however, a citizen reporting of pollution problems can help protect water quality.

Common Sources of Pollution

  1. Paint
  2. Car Fluids
  3. Suds
  4. Debris
  5. Sewage
  6. Litter & Trash
  7. Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs


paint can_2


Avoid painting outside when it is raining. Never clean brushes or other painting equipment outside, and never pour the rinse water into the storm system.

Typical Source:

Pollution from paint usually comes from improper cleanup, but can also occur from spills and dumping.

Proper Disposal and Cleanup:

Never pour any type of paint directly down the drain. Small amounts of latex paint can be set out to dry and be disposed of in the garbage. Recycle large amounts of unused paint at the Regional Transfer Station - Moderate Risk Waste Facility, or at Around Again in Port Angeles or Sequim. Also consider advertising on the local news and radio, or the 2good2toss website


All paint types, especially oil based, are toxic. When those toxins make it into our waterways, they can harm fish and other aquatic life.