Fire Inspections

The majority of fire inspections are conducted by the on-duty firefighters. The inspections not only serve as an important part of the overall fire prevention effort, but they also provide an opportunity for firefighters to walk through the majority of structures in the city, enabling them to become familiar with their layout, their contents, and their construction.

Fire Truck

Fire Marshal Inspections

Several of the more complex occupancies in the city are inspected directly by the fire marshal. These occupancies include Nippon Paper, and Olympic Medical Center. In addition, many other specialized inspections are conducted by the fire marshal, including:

  • Inspections prior to shipboard hot-work
  • Inspections of underground fuel tank installations and abandonments
  • Inspections in conjunction with certificates of occupancy
  • Inspections of all in-home day cares
  • Inspection and testing of all new fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems

You can schedule a Hot Work or Underground fuel Tank Inspection. We will try our best to respond to requests within 24 hours during normal business hours.