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Project Overview

In 2019, the City of Port Angeles began working with Clallam County to pursue the construction of a Joint Public Safety Facility (JPSF). The proposed facility would house the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the City’s 911 emergency telephone answering system and public safety dispatching facility, known as Peninsula Communications (PenCom). In the future, the JPSF may also house a City-operated westside fire station. 

To date, both entities have focused on developing a preliminary design and selecting a site for construction. Several potential sites have been evaluated and eliminated due primarily to location, inadequate infrastructure, and/or seismic unsuitability. Additional siting criteria includes access, utility infrastructure, stormwater discharge, security, parking, and proximity to the airport. 

In late 2021, City staff identified City-owned property, located at West 18th & South L Street, as a potential location that appeared to meet all siting criteria. In February 2022, City Council approved funding to allow for geotechnical and environmental evaluation of the potential site. In April 2022, City Council moved to stop the technical evaluation of the potential site, and move forward with due diligence for an alternative site located at 19th and O Streets. However, other properties may be considered. 

Project Benefits

Since the project’s inception, the City and County have strongly agreed that a joint 911 and EOC facility would be highly beneficial to our residents. Such a facility would provide the most efficient and cost-effective lifesaving emergency services to a population of approximately 80,000 people in Clallam County. 

In disaster situations, Emergency Management and 911 Dispatch are critical operations. Current EOC and 911 dispatch facilities are not suitable for sustained emergency operations. The current communications room, located at the Fire Department, houses EOC communications equipment, emergency phone system communications, and data servers. With the planned addition of significant hardware and software assets, controlled heating/cooling and fire suppression capabilities are required. Additional emergency power and battery backup capabilities are also needed. The current 911 operation, located in the Police Department, is inadequately size to meet future demands. Additionally, the location of the current facility is not seismically suitable, or, not expected to survive a significant earthquake. 

A Joint Public Safety Facility (JPSF) would allow for EOC and PenCom facilities to be co-located. The two entities would be able to easily and quickly communicate in the event of an emergency. The proposed JPSF would be conveniently located nearby the airport runway, where aid and relief would be brought into Clallam County in disaster situations. This modern facility would allow for innovative technologies, such as solar power and satellite communications. In the future, the JPSF may house a much needed westside fire station. 

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    Communications & Records Management Coordinator

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    321 East 5th Street
    Port Angeles, WA 98362

Project Updates

5/23/2022Joint Special Meeting Joint Special Meeting between Port Angeles City Council and Clallam County Commissioners
Port Angeles City Council: It was moved to designate Clallam County as the lead entity with OAC for contract and design work and direct staff to work with Clallam County to draft a Memorandum of Understanding outlining our relationship in regards to the Joint Public Safety Building Project. Motion carried 7-0. 

Clallam County Commissioners: It was moved to move forward with Clallam County as the lead entity for contract and design work with OAC and to work with the City of Port Angeles on a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the relationship and joint communication efforts in regards to the Joint Public Safety Building Project. Motion carried 3-0. 
4/19/2022City CouncilDiscuss a future Joint Meeting to be held with Clallam County CommissionersIt was moved to direct staff to plan a field trip and joint meeting with City Council and Clallam County Commissioners during the month of May. Meeting approved 7-0. 
04/19/2022N/ASEPA Application No. 22-25The Community & Economic Development Department issued a Public Notice for SEPA Determination (PZ. 22-25). Interested parties are encouraged to comment on the proposal and may submit written comment during the 14-day public comment period to ced@cityofpa.us. 
04/05/2022City CouncilVolunteer Practice Field ResolutionResolution not passed. Instead, City Council moved to direct staff to stop the geotechnical analysis of the Volunteer Practice Field site. The motion carried 5-1. Additionally, Council moved to direct staff to perform due diligence of an alternate site located at 19th & O Streets, as recommended by Clallam County. The motion carried 4-2. 
04/05/2022City CouncilSpecial MeetingThe purpose of the special meeting is to provide a public comment opportunity on the recent consideration of Volunteer Practice Field as a potential location for a Joint Public Safety Facility.
02/15/2022City Council Joint Public Safety Building Project UpdateCity Council authorized the execution of professional service agreement(s) necessary and appropriate to conduct additional tests, investigations, environmental assessments, geotechnical analysis, and other studies as are appropriate to complete a thorough due diligence evaluation of the property at 18th and L Streets and determine its suitability as the site of the Joint Public Safety Facility. 
11/16/2021City CouncilJoint Public Safety Building Informational UpdateInformation - no action
11/17/2020City Council Work SessionPenCom/EOC Work SessionPresentation - no action 
02/18/2020City CouncilOAC Services Pre-Engineering Professional Services AgreementCity Council authorized the City Manager to sign a professional services agreement with OAC Services for pre-engineering for the 10.10 building, and to make minor modifications if necessary. 
09/15/2020City Council911 Center/EOC/Westside Fire Station Project UpdatePresentation - no action
07/16/2019City CouncilJoint PenCom/EOC OptionsCity Council authorized Manager West to begin the process of exploring a lease agreement for the 1010 Building for the joint EOC/PenCom and other activities laid out in the memo provided.
2/5/2019City CouncilJoint PenCom/EOC FeasibilityCity Council authorized the Police and Fire Departments to begin a collaborative effort with Clallam County to explore options for a joint City/Council EOC to be co-located with a new PenCom facility. 

Press Releases/Media

4/7/22 Press Release: City Council Stops Geotechnical Analysis of Volunteer Practice Field Site

2/1/22 Joint Press Release

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