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Municipal Solid Waste Services Information 

In the Spring of 2021, the City of Port Angeles took action to terminate its contract with Waste Connections Incorporated (WCI) for services provided relative to municipal solid waste. This decision was made with the understanding that the only way the City could provide excellent service and mitigate large rate instability due to increases demanded by WCI, was to terminate that contract and perform these services in house. Following that decision, a lengthy negotiation and arbitration process delayed the contractual termination process.   

Following resolution of those issues, the City is pleased to announce that it has begun operations of the Regional Transfer Station as of March 1, 2022. In addition, the City has begun performing residential yard waste and recycle services. After many years of these services being performed by a subcontractor, the City is excited to begin performing these services in-house. We anticipate this change will provide exceptional public service as well as rate stability over the coming years that would not have been possible by continuing the WCI contract. 

New recycle and yard waste containers have been distributed to City residents. You may notice different trucks picking up recycle and yard waste, as well as some new friendly faces, and the City could not be more excited to get started. 

If you are signed up for service, but haven't received a recycle or yard waste container, please contact the Solid Waste Collections Coordinator. Additional questions about your service? Please contact us at 360.417.4800 or

The Blue Mountain Transfer Station reopened on July 5, 2022. The reopening of this facility was delayed due to supply chain issues relative to the upgrades necessary for the City to take over operations. We are pleased to announce that software upgrades, communication upgrades, general facilities clean-up and repairs, and security improvements have been completed.

Temporary Service Disruptions

Due to the large-scale transfer of operations from WCI to the City of Port Angeles, some temporary service disruptions and changes are expected:

  • Commercial Cardboard Recycling: Commercial cardboard bins are slightly delayed. We will be working directly with those affected, but do not anticipate this to be an overly large service disruption. If you have any questions related to your pick up service, please contact us the Solid Waste Collections Coordinator at (360) 417-4876 or by email
  • Glass Disposal: As a result of the recent transitions of solid waste and recycling services, the City has begun evaluating sustainable options for the glass waste stream. As a part of that due diligence, the City is currently evaluating glass recycling/reuse and hauling options/costs. In an effort to ensure continuity of possible service options, the City will also be embarking on a cost of service analysis to determine the viability of implementing potential glass recycling services. In the coming months, after a due diligence process, analysis of the options will be brought forward to City Council for consideration. Until then, glass is to be disposed of through regular solid waste means.

Elements to Highlight as Part of the New Services:

  • Services being provided by the City allow for the County, the City of Sequim, and the City of Port Angeles to work together in a manner that protects all rate payers from rate instability due to a third-party for-profit contractor providing service components.
  • The City is now using Republic Services for transportation and disposal of solid waste, and transportation of recycling, realizing several environmental benefits.

More Information 

A recording of the City of Port Angeles Municipal Solid Waste Services update from the February 15, 2022, City Council meeting is available on the City website.

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