2024 Council Legislative Priorities

City Council has established legislative priorities which will be utilized throughout the year to share with State and Federal legislators. The following are City of Port Angeles' Legislative Priorities for 2024, as approved by Council on January 16, 2024. 

Invest in Local Fire and Safety Personnel

Provide resources to bolster the recruitment and retention of Port Angeles fire and safety personnel. Despite a higher call volume than surrounding jurisdictions, limited resources strain our ability to retain skilled professionals. Additional funding tools are critically needed to fortify our City’s emergency response, including House Bills #1380, #1446, and #1633.

Allow city councils the option to impose a three-tenths of 1% public safety sales tax. Revenues generated can be spent on activities that substantially assist in fire protection or the criminal justice system.

Adequate and Non-Regressive Tax Structure

Build a more just and equitable tax code for the state. All Washingtonians should have the freedom to provide for our families, contribute to our communities, and have enough left over to make meaningful choices about our lives. Unfortunately, our lowest-income residents pay the highest share of their income in taxes, while the wealthiest pay the least. Establishing a non-regressive tax structure will ensure fairness and promote economic equality, while still generating sufficient revenues for our schools, healthcare, and the social services we share.

Expand Efforts to Address the Opioid Crisis

Provide funding to strengthen the effectiveness of multijurisdictional drug task forces. Increased funding, in addition to the Governor’s Proposed 2024 Supplemental Budget, is crucial for supporting local task forces, who play a key role in addressing illegal opioid distribution in our community.

Planning for Next Year:

In 2025, the City will seek $11.2M for the design and construction of the US 101/SR 117 Truck Route Interchange. The current interchange restricts movement from the Port Angeles Harbor to locations heading east. This project improves safety and freight mobility by adding new ramps and optimizing channelization to facilitate freight travel in all traffic directions without conflict or use of our city’s downtown corridor.

Local Housing Priorities:

Funds for preservation and acquisition of low-income housing, specifically for those at risk of losing affordability and conversion of existing privately-owned properties to low-income housing.

Fund the Housing Trust Fund with a $400M competitive allocation as part of the 2024 supplemental capital budget.

Creation of a REET III option for cities and counties to raise revenue for local projects through real estate excise tax.

We also support: 

Provision of sustainable base program funding for regional transportation planning organizations.

Retention of local sales tax revenues to allow our City to better address needs specific to our community without increasing the overall tax rate.

The legislative agendas of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and the Association of Washington Cities.